Actor Will Peltz shows us how to eat Oreo like a boss

Son of billionaire businessman Nelson Peltz and brother of actress Nicola Peltz, Will has something to say about the World’s Favorite Biscuit.

We are super fans of Will and Nicola Peltz and all the gang, they are the Instagram socialité-cool kids right now. Like, literally.

@WillPeltz Instagram

Will is dating Kenya Kinski Jones (daughter of Nastassja Kinski and Quincy Jones). Good looking kids living in LA, they do fashion together, they dress cool, they enjoy the good living and they know the moves.

@KenyaKinski Instagram
Fashion couple Will Peltz and Kenya Kinski at #HarpersBazaarIcons
Will and Kenya for CK
Will Peltz for Calvin Klein campaign

And his sister Nicola Peltz is the former girlfriend of Gigi and Bella Hadid’s brother, model Anwar Hadid. It’s all in the neighborhood.

Nicola Peltz and bfriend Anwar Hadid

But like 90% of the population we are obsessed with IG Stories where we take some good advices. A great one just came through Will’s Instagram Stories. Just in case you wonder how to eat Oreo like a boss, Will just posted the world’s favorite biscuit in the most fashionable marshmallow flavor, and we couldn’t help but want them! Have you tried it?

Via @WillPeltz snapchat