5 Apple Cakes To Die For

One apple a day keeps the doctor away! Lets take that advice and cook some apple goodies.

Sometimes the simplest ingredients are the best. Apple cakes have been one of the most famous sweet bakings at homes and profesional pastry shops or even in the best restaurants. This fruit has a lot of varieties to work with: you can find a tangy apple, a really sweet one, some are really soft an others are crunchy. There’re lots of kinds of apples to choose, and some of them are the best to cook different cakes and tarts.

Taking advantage of the upcoming St. Patrick’s day (tomorrow, March, 17th), we decided to bake an Irish Apple Cake. We use a fantastic recipe and as we are apple cake lovers, we thought it would be great to share different apple cakes we love to bake, and some differences between them. Here are our 5 top cakes!

IRISH APPLE CAKE by Baking a Moment

This recipe is perfection. You’re going to love this authentic Irish apple cake. It’s the kind of cake you could enjoy just about any time of year. We love the moisture of the cake and all the apples that went in it. The more apples, the better.

Irish Apple cake

This famous cake is made with buttermilk, so it makes a really moist and soft cake. She makes a fabulous creamy whiskey hard sauce (a kind of caramel sauce with whisky) To die for! We served it in a healthier version, with some thick Greek Yogurt. Yogurt is the best companion for a cake if you don’t want to use a custard or cream.

Irish Apple Cake.


This Italian food blogger has a lot of amazing recipes on her blog. She’s a professional musician but she turned her life into a full time food blogger. Her Italian recipes are over the top and all the recipes we’ve tried, so far, are amazing. This is not a properly cake, it’s a kind of cookie dough (pasta Frolla) filled with lots of apples.

Torta cuore di mela Cake filled with apples

The result is a cake that melts in your mouth when eating, just like the perfect shortcrust pastry filled with lots of apple chunks. The best comfort dessert for any time of the year, look how gorgeous it looks! And it’s super easy.

Le ricetta di Mamma Gy
Tarta cuore di mela

APPLE SHARLOTKA (Russian Apple cake) by Natasha’s Kitchen

We’ve been making Sharlotka for two years now. Any time we think on an apple cake we think in this moist and soft Russian cake. The perfect companion for a cup of coffee or tea and served with some custard on top.


This cake will take you to make less than an hour. Easy to assemble and with just 5 ingredients. You wouldn’t believe the softness of this cake knowing that there’s no fat content in it. The apples and eggs give all the moisture the cake needs.


If we think on an apple French tart, first thing it comes to mind it would be Tarte Tatin (a delicious tart with caramelized apples). We learnt the recipe a few years ago from a French woman, we made it a few times and it was lovely. Unfortunately, we lost the recipe and now we’re using this one, an amazing apple cake that will make a WOW in your beloved ones.

French Apple cake

The difference between this cake and, for instance, the Irish apple cake, is the fat. Here they are using butter instead of the buttermilk used in the Irish one. The cake is super super moist, with all the soft cooked apples dancing in the dough… We can eat the entire cake, and so do you if you try this recipe. Once again, we’ve chosen an easy recipe so you won’t mess too much with the “thing” and be focused on trying new great fruity recipes.


This American woman based in Norway has a food blog we really like. She loves Norway and she brings us some amazing recipes from this country, like this one: a traditional apple cake that is a must in Scandinavian families. Grab the ingredients and bake!

Norwegian apple cake

This cake is super moist (we believe you’ve read the word moist in this article so many times, but it’s true!) and juicy. They use milk and butter so it makes a “wet” dough (with wet we mean really moist, not fudge). In our opinion this one can be the perfect dessert for any season. Fruit and cake, the perfect match!

Norwegian apple cake

Which cake is your favorite? We like baking with fruits, specially apples, they give sweetness and nice properties. We tried all these recipes, and every one of these cakes were wonderful and delicious.