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Fórum Gastronómico is the Spanish most important gastronomy event well recognized around the world.

Count down begins! If you’re passionate about the gastronomic world do not miss this fair: in the city of INDITEX (La Coruña, Galicia, Spain) its about to be held Fórum Gastronómic, where some of the best chefs from Spain and abroad will share their knowledge. Its already the 3rd edition and we are thrilled to announce that we’ll be there to tell you all the news. Just a week to go!

Galician Chef Pepe Solla

We will be surrounded by well recognized Chefs from Spain, some of them awarded with Michelin Stars and several prizes, and also will be focused on Galician and Portuguese Chefs that are standing out in the culinary scene days. From Galicians Chefs like Pepe Solla (picture above) owner of Michelin Star Casa Solla, Javier Olleros (Michelin Star, Restaurant Culler de Pau), to well know Spanish Chefs like Ángel León (Aponiente restaurant), Josep Roca (2 Michelin Star, El Celler de Can Roca) among others. Click to see the full list: Forum Coruña Speakers.

We will meet the creativity of the professionals and we’ll be updated with the latest trends in restaurants. Lots of activities will be held during the Convention, such as workshops with Chefs (like the one below), round tables, wine and beer tastings, presentations of the latest products in the culinary scene and the possibility of trying all the dishes that Guest Chefs will offer to the general public. A place to go.

Abastos 2.0 Restaurant owner Marcos Cerqueiro (left) and Chef Bret Fernández

If you are willing to experience an unforgettable time enjoying food culture, delicious inspiration, creativity and fun, and if you happen to be around Spain those days or planning a trip there, save the dates from the 12-14 of March 2017.

You’ll be joining a big convention and enjoying the beautiful city of La Coruña, with its important harbor and the old city, plenty of restaurants and traditional pubs where you’ll can try the variety of the Galician gastronomy, from the traditional ones to the new on trend restaurants.

La Coruña City Port

Book your flight, train and meet us there.

For more information visit: Forum Coruña 2017