Rocambolesc Online Shop: Sweet Dreams Come True

Jordi Roca and Alejandra Rivas’ dessert store has started the online selling. The next trend to buy! 

Rocambolesc is an amazing dessert and ice cream store. The result of a dream of Jordi Roca, one the best pastry Chefs in the world, co-owner of El Celler de Can Roca – 3 Michelin Star and nº2 Worlds 50 Best Restaurant-, and wife pastry Chef Alejandra Rivas, who’s leading the project.

Rocambolesc’s founders: Jordi Roca and Alejandra Rivas

Based in Spain, the Rocambolesc project started from the willingness of Roca to recover the traditional dessert cart for El Celler de Can Roca, which had disappeared from the restaurant’s room. Dessert should always be an important part of the menu, and with this in mind, his determination became solid and bigger as they opened their first ice cream shop near to the family’s restaurant in Girona (Catalonia, Spain). Then, came the others: Platja D’Aro and Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain), and Madrid.

Rocambolesc store

In every spot, Rocambolesc is a big success based on their ability to give people what sweet dreams are made of: Rocambolesc is a “a window to the sweet world of Celler where we transform the deserts in ice-creams”. They wanted to give people the opportunity to taste the amazing flavors and enjoying the creativity of  Celler de Can Roca in the shape of an ice-cream, bonbon, chocolate…

Rocambolesc’s founders: Alejandra Rivas and Jordi Roca

In Spanish, the word Rocambolesc means something like outrageous, but in a very positive sense. It couldn’t fit better to what they sell and how they sell it. The space is smart and fresh and the products are pure creativity.

You can choose from 500ml tubs, popsicles, the best quality chocolates and a fun and never seen before way to have your ice cream: from baked apple ice cream to a coconut and violet sorbet, lots of toppings, cotton candy… A delicate piece of heaven

Chocolate brownie ice cream with cotton candy topping

Try their brilliant Panets: a brioche bun opened and filled with your favorite ice cream flavor, covered with Rocambolesc toppings and grilled in the planet maker. What you get it’s a contrast cold and hot. If you eat a Rocambolesc ice cream, you’re eating a dessert.

Rocambolesc’s famous hot panet filled with ice cream

Rocambolesc is a must go if you’re an ice cream and dessert lover, but if you’re not close to their stores, they’ve got you covered: the brand just started their online selling where you can choose from some of their non- frozen products while they’re working on the next step, selling their frozen goodies. From now on, ordering a 3 Michelin star creations will be easier with their online shop, with just a click you can order any of the products available.

Rocambolesc shop online

Surf inside the online store and make your choice! Choose between the best quality chocolate bonbons and tablets:

You have access to their products and also to their signature mobile cases:


You can buy the books, such as Jordi Roca’s Anarquia book, and the perfume ‘Núvol de Llimona’ (Lemon Cloud) inspired by Roca’s lemon dessert.

Lemon Parfum. Inspired by Jordi Roca’s dessert “Lemon Cloud”

And the best gift ever, a gift card -who doesn’t like a gift card?- to spread the sweet word online. Do you know any sweet lover? Fancy anything related to the sweet world? Treat yourself and themselves with a quick-click-buy.

Rocambolesc’s online shop Gif Card
Please note that from now the online shop will be only available in Spain. But they are focused on expanding this online shop as soon as they can.
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