Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Is Marc Jacobs’ New Star

Frances Bean Cobain named face of Marc Jacobs Spring ’17 ad campaign photographed by David Sims.

Jacobs took to Instagram to unveil the face of his spring campaign muse: ’90’s grunge legends Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s 24-year-old daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. We could not thing of a more perfect candidate. Her edgy and cool style is a perfect match for the brand.

Frances Bean Cobain stars Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2017 collection. Photo: David Sims

This is the first major fashion endorsement Frances agreed to do. “I thought this collection was great, and I was flattered that Marc thought of me for this.” she told Vogue. “What I said to him when I was saying yes was that he’s an underdog for the masses. He’s very rebellious within the fashion world, and he’s been like that his entire career.”
Cobain didn’t attempt to be anyone but herself. “I’m not representing the beautiful top models of the world,” she says. “I’m representing what a general, standard, average human girl would look like wearing these clothes. I think that’s why Marc picked me for this.”

Frances Bean Cobain behind the scenes Marc Jacobs Spring ’17 Ad Campaign. Photo: Hugo Scott

In keeping with the theme of authenticity, the campaign, shot by David Sims, stand in sharp contrast to the looks seen on the runway. “The fashion show itself was so colorful, but it was the complete opposite of what we ended up doing on the set,” says Cobain. “The shoot had a very organic feel—all the makeup was my own. We used the lipstick from right out of my purse, and no one did anything to my hair. They just put me in the clothes.” Sims was able to capture Frances’s genuine personality. “I have so much respect for David; he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He and Marc created an environment in which I felt like I was thriving and enjoying myself.”

The ads feature an effortlessly glamorous grunge look that Frances parents embraced in the ’90s. But while Frances does dark lipstick and a messy hairstyle in the campaign, she doesn’t care what her parents did in the ’90s. “I wasn’t around and it’s not relevant to me.” Cobain, born in 1992, shows how fashion’s love affair with grunge and ’90s nostalgia gets a hard pass. “The ’90s were influential but it’s not my cup of tea. When it’s shoved down your throat every day for 24 years, you stop caring.” Frances is far from fussy where clothes are concerned. “I honestly don’t care very much. I’m a black jeans, vintage T-shirt, boots girl. That is my daily uniform,” she says. “I can appreciate fashion without having to let it consume me or [feeling the need] to be part of that world. In my personal life, I’m just lazy about it.”

Frances Bean Cobain stars Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2017 collection. Photo: David Sims

Anyway, she does acknowledge that her look does resemble the grunge style that her parents helped make famous. “I find it interesting where grunge originated from, and then where it was taken, which was high fashion. My dad was so poor that they kept going to Goodwill to get donated ripped jeans. It wasn’t a fashion decision; it was an ‘I don’t have any money, I have no other choice’ type of decision.”

Frances Bean Cobain stars Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2017 collection. Photo: Hugo Scott

Don’t expect Frances Bean Cobain to join the legions of celebrity children turned professional models. “I wouldn’t have done it with anyone other than Marc. I could never do modeling professionally, but I’m glad I did it with Marc, because I trust him. I don’t think I’ll be modeling for anybody else for a very long time—this is 100 percent outside my comfort zone,” says Cobain. “I don’t model unless I think the project is cool, and I don’t put my name behind something that I don’t genuinely believe in,” she explained.

Frances Bean Cobain stars Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2017 collection. Photo: David Sims

Though Jacobs is known for his boundary-pushing ambassadors, such as Missy Elliott and Marilyn Manson, the SS17 campaign marks the first time in seven years Marc Jacobs has been represented by a single face. Cobain’s mother, who Jacobs calls the ‘Goddess of Grunge’ (“she was then and remains now, for me, the ultimate divine mess in a dress”) was one of the faces of the brand’s FW16 campaign, also starring Susan Sarandon, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent. 

Baby Frances with her parents Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Jacobs has cast other famous kids in his recent ads too. He also featured Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis with his son Everly Bear, as well as Willow Smith posing on her own. But Marc always wanted to work with Frances. “Her beauty, uniqueness, and strength is something I have long admired and respected. Few things remain as constant as my continued inspiration from those whose honesty, integrity, courage, and curiosity lead them to explore and venture beyond preconceived boundaries,” said Jacobs.

Frances Bean Cobain behind the scenes with Marc Jacobs. Photo: Hugo Scott

Cobain had previously modeled for French designer Hedi Slimane in 2011, but remains discreet about her next move that will involve something more stimulating for her than posing in front of the camera. “Thankfully I have other skills than just standing there and looking cute.”

Frances Bean Cobain stars Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2017 collection
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