Milka Peanut Caramel Is A Winner

Milka’s latest innovation Peanut Caramel gets the “Flavor of the Year” Award.

We love delicate, tasty, creative chocolate. That’s why we like Milka, for its flavors, exquisite combinations and innovations. We were amazed by their latest creation Milka Peanut Caramel. Scrumptious, delicious and visually attractive. Due to the latest technology, Milka has been able to illustrate in this tablet the relief of a peanut in each ounce. This is a winner.

Milka Peanut Caramel details

Milka‘s latest innovation Peanut Caramel has been recognized with the the greatest distinction, which is the consumer recognition of the product: the “Flavor of the Year” Award in the Category of Chocolates, which guarantees the quality and good taste of this chocolate tablet.

The award is given annually after the product is being tested by consumers in several taste tests. Only those with the highest rating in their category have been recognized with the “Flavor of the Year” Award. This quality certification validates the taste and is the only one in the food sector. Milka (that belongs to the food group Mondelez International) thus enters the club of Best Flavors with Milka Peanuts and Caramel.

Due to this Award, throughout 2017 you will find Milka Peanut Caramel with the stamp that recognizes the work in innovation that the brand makes to improve the quality and flavor of its products. Congratulations!

About Milka

The history of the brand of chocolates with lilac wrapping dates back to the middle of the 19th century in Switzerland, where Philippe Suchard transformed chocolate from something that only enjoys a minority in Europe, to something that was enjoyed by a big audience. In 1901 Milka’s first table was launched with a wrapping that revolutionized the market. Milka’s name was developed to identify a new product, fruit of the combination of milk and cocoa.

About Mondelez in Spain

One of the largest Spanish food groups. It operates in the categories of biscuits, chocolates, cheese, sauces, desserts, chewing gum and caramels, with emblematic brands such as Fontaneda, Belvita, Oreo, Príncipe, Suchard, Filadelfia, El Caserío, Royal, Dulciora, Halls and Trident.

About “Flavor of The Year” (Sabor del Año)

GLOBAL QUALITY IBERIA is an independent structure that represents “Flavor of the Year” in Spain and Portugal. Its mission is to specialize in consumer and professional product evaluation procedures. Is based on the experience of Monadia in France, Mexico, Tunisia, Belgium and Italy. “Flavor of the Year” certification has been positioned as the most valued gustatory quality reference and has won the trust of consumers, manufacturers, professionals and distributors.

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