3 Facts That Make Physical Exercise Your Magic Pill

Exercise is linked to lower cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk. But there’s more. 

It’s also associated to lower cancer risk. And that’s quite something. Exercise not only improves our brain and cardiovascular functions, we know that high levels of physical activity is associated with lower cancer risk: liver, lung or breast cancers are positively affected by physical activity. Scroll down for the health side of physical exercise.

Gigi Hadid for Reebok’s #PerfectNever campaign fall 2016/17. Photo: Reebok

It seems that physical exercise is like a magic pill because it makes us feel better and healthier. However, we are so used to hear that it makes us healthier that we have become skeptical. But here are the facts.

Gigi Hadid for Reebok’s #PerfectNever campaign fall 2016/17. Photo: Reebok
  1. Firstly, for more than 3 million years our body metabolism was shaped by mankind evolution in which exercise and movement was key. That means that to function properly our body machinery needs physical activity. Only during the last 200 years, from the industrial revolution, our lifestyle has changed to more sedentary. But our metabolism hasn’t change! That’s why we have to keep up with physical activities for our body to function properly.
  2. Secondly, here comes the “why”. In short, physical activity influences sex hormones: estrogens are in lower levels in physically active women. Insulin is in lower levels in people that regularly exercise, and we know that insulin is a risk factor.
  3. And finally, physical activity is linked to lower levels of the so-called inflammatory markers, body proteins that alerts about inflammation, and inflammation is a general cancer risk factor.

Help yourself and start some physical exercise to make your life better.

Watch Gigi Hadid as the face of Reebok’s #PerfectNever Campaign fall 16/17 :

Credit photos: Reebok