Chocolate Hazelnut Crostata feat. Hero

Insanely chocolaty, soft, melt in your mouth: get the recipe of these mini Chocolate Crostata.

Having a Crostata filled with chocolate is all about spreading happiness. The upcoming recipe is for the perfect pie with the best filling: the 50% off sugar Hero Super Nanos Cacao y Avellana (Cocoa & Hazelnuts Cream).

A Crostata is about going back to traditions: Crostata, the famous pasta frill, is one of the most popular tarts in Italy. It’s the perfect sweet treat to enjoy baking at home and having it all together around a table with friends, kids or loved ones. It’s also the perfect home baking delish for a sweet table, a finger food or a catering. It looks simple, but this pie will be everyones favorite.

PMarvel‘s food department loves to bake traditional local recipes, but always introducing some changes and being open to new additions to our baking repertoire. We look forward to make every bite a unique and tasteful experience. We really like how Crostata can be bake with so many fillings (we like it with fruits, jam, sweet and savory) and its always perfect. But we love it with chocolate.

In the search for new flavors and brand innovations, we learnt about a new Cocoa & Hazelnut Cream, Hero Super Nanos Cacao y Avellana by Spanish brand Hero, one of the most famous and well-respected companies from Spain. It’s specially made for kids but, sorry! We loved it. The good thing is that it has 50% off sugar comparing to the normal ones (and this is great for many wellness reasons). We tried the chocolate cream and love it so much that we contacted the brand to work with them in some testing recipes with their product. They were friendly and helpful.

We have a team of profesional cooks who were looking for a melt-in-the mouth Crostata, with the so easy to make pasta frill and just a basic ganache using this Hero Super Nanos Cacao y Avellana (Cocoa & Hazelnuts) 50% off sugar 27% less fat content. The result is the most decadent pie. The ganache is soft and not over sweet, which is great: why using a big amount of sugar when we, professionals, know that sugar hides flavors? If you try to use less sugar all your desserts will taste better. Scroll down for the recipe.

Mini Crostatas with Hero Super Nanos Cacao y Avellana (Cocoa & Hazelnuts Cream)

For the Pasta Frolla
Our recipe is from a very good food blog hosted by an Italian. Italians know their stuff when it comes to pasta frolla! You’ll should get a 26 cm springform pan (we made individuals, smaller ones, so with the remaining dough we made some stars to decorate). It’s really easy to assemble, just be careful not to over work the dough as it will turned up a thick pastry. Just tap on the name and it will take you to the recipe: Soft pastry perfect for tarts / Pasta Frolla morbida perfecta per crostate

For the Chocolate Ganache
We went for a simple ganache, using the Hero Cream and no sugar. Our recipe is also from another nice food blogger, the ones you have “on hand” and never fails. You can check all her recipes on her blog Sally’s Baking AddicionAs our ganache is not like hers (just because we’re using a different brand) scroll down for our Chocolate Ganache recipe. It’s really easy!

20 grams of cornstarch

500 ml heavy cream 35%
1 jar (250 grams) Hero Chocolate & Hazelnut Cream
1/4 tsp salt

In a small bowl whisk the cornstarch with 250ml heavy cream until well dissolved so you’ll never get disgusting lumps in your filling.

In a medium size saucepan, stir in the remaining heavy cream, the mixture of cream and cornstarch, salt and the Hero chocolate cream. Whisk slowly over a medium heat until all well combined. Bring it to a boil and without stopping whisking (stirring) let it until thickened (around 3-4 minutes).
Remove from heat and pour it over the tart shell (or like us, many little precious tart shells).
Allow to set in the refrigerator, at least for 4 hours (we usually let it over night).
To decorate just sprinkle some chopped hazelnuts or like we did, make some stars and place them on top of the ganache.

If you want to buy Hero products online go to Hero Shoponline. If you are not living in Spain, you can contact Hero Food Service and they will help you out with any enquire.