Home Files: The Finer Details

2 cool finds to help inspire your home decorations right now.

Smooth blend. Sophisticated mid-century modern.

Everything is so good about this apartment. If your style preference is a blend of classic antiques, glam, and mid-century modern, then this is for you.

The designers at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE were asked to update the interior of this Tudor home in the Harvard/Yale area. The clients’ taste leaned toward a unique patchwork of sophisticated fusion of styles that needed to live in a cohesive, well-designed space. They sought to make a big impact.

A Notting Hill apartment.

This super cool flat belongs to Sister Jane‘s fashion designer Bea Deza. An eclectic, inspiring place with a nice personal touch full of details. The whole apartment is an elegant-glam vintage lovers heaven, a rich mix of elements, artistic custom made designs.

Deza went the extra mile to make the space her own: the eclectic mix of styles all work marvelously together. She gave her living room an English lounge atmosphere, with a Katrina Phillips sofa and an Ikea sofa in leather and velvet. The space has a beautiful accent with a black fireplace.

In the kitchen, an oversized mirror and chandeliers sits alongside an old lab table and some Philip Stark stools.

In the bedroom the stunning Katrina Phillips wallpaper gives the room a very British Country house feel.