Cool Food Resolutions To Try In 2017

In the interest of making 2017 your best year yet, we’re sharing our personal food style essentials.

Forget about being hard on you. We have the perfect food resolution list, and it’s all about being honest: don’t ask for miracles and stop thinking that in the New Year you’ll do something you’ve never being able to do, and that maybe don’t even wanna do. Want to be a better you? Then don’t please your partner, family, even your besties. Cheers to you! May this New Year brings you immense happiness in all you do.

A New Year always make us feel like we must do something to change our habits, like being more concerned about our health, losing weight, practice sports, eating better… Name any resolutions you’ve been trying and you’ll get to the point that you had accomplished none.

How about elevating your personal (food) style? Our editors current food obsessions are SO good that they’re sharing their food style resolutions to try ASAP.

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Small changes make a lot eventually, in the end.

Eating healthy sounds like the right option, but we are all surrounded by goodies temptations mostly not that healthy, though. What should we do to cut off, or reduce, that ‘snack temptation’? There’s nothing we can do if we keep complaining about eating healthier but doing nothing. Wether you’re in the mood of changing food habits or not, we believe small changes make a lot eventually, in the end. It’s not being radical, just change some daily bad habits to some good ones.

Love, cake
A weekly CHEAT DAY.

Its your day. Choose your favorite day in the week and enjoy. Do you desperate need a chocolate bar so hard that you can’t help but eating it? Want that new flavor donut from your favorite bakery? That pizza, plenty of cheese? Can’t wait to make that decadent recipe? You are allowed.

Green Valley Kitchen

There are some rules though: don’t over eat. You can choose maybe five things to enjoy (beverage included) but don’t go too far, for more yummy things wait until your next Cheat Day.


You can have your Cheat Day by yourself, or asking someone who’s like you to join the feast.

How Sweet it Is

Remember Cheat Day is only one day in the week. You can change the day but plan it ahead so it wouldn’t be a problem to keeping up with your life. Don’t ruin the magic by eating bad stuff out of that day. The idea of having your personal Cheat Day and planning a delicious meal or something indulgence wether is sweet or savory (or both) is satisfying and a resolution that if taking seriously will avoid unhealthy meals away from your Cheat Day. So, you’ll be winning!


It will be like a date. Your date with your cravings. Are you in?

Shopping List
Via OneGreenPlanet

That awful moment you find yourself in the sweet aisle of the supermarket. Let’s say in every single aisle of the supermarket. You can buy healthy things there, but what’s going on? Nearby the healthy stuff there are double in size bad stuff and with your name written! So, just be focused.

Make a list. Don’t buy ‘just in case’. Do not buy extra bars, extra chips or processed food. Think about what you are going to buy calmly. You can make two shopping lists: one for the daily goods and one for the ‘extras’ where you can include that chocolate dream bars, lovely peanut butter, the greasiest cheeses, Nutella, milk shakes, and so on. Don’t buy things for others when the fact is that you’re buying it for yourself (but they don’t know that jet). Just run away as fast as you can when you’re feeling you’re loosing your self-control.

Chocolate Bars & Sweets at home

If you’re a concerned human being you won’t find any difficulties to control yourself at home, but if you’re like almost 80% of the world population (more?) the thought of not being able to eat something you love to death it’s pretty sad-pathetic. Try not to skip the rule of your Cheat Day.

The New Milka Collage Raspberry

The hard part comes when you have kids. They love them, even though we also have to cut down their intake of sugar, there’re always some sweet indulgences in a house with kids.

Cadbury chocolate bars bite

As the same as the shopping list, think twice before buying them (hiding chocolate at home it’s not an option). You’ll eventually got into the goodies.

Don’t forget your ‘partner in crime’, your bestie, your sister, brother, friends that love to eat them and don’t put on weight (never!) That’s the worst nightmare when we try to make this big changes in our food routine. They must help you by hiding themselves to eat. There’s no other way!

The Love of Vegs and Healthy Stuff

First of all be sure you want to introduce vegs in your life, then try to choose the ones you like. In case there’s no one, try many so you’ll know the one it tastes better for you. So clever…


You don’t need to become a veggie expert, you just need to add some veggies in your life.

Just pump it into your rice, pasta, pizza, chicken filet… You can make them roasted or boiled.

The world of salads is a new whole universe. You can get any kind of salad, but be smart and get avoid of lots of sauces and go for the proteins so you will get a decent amount of good things in your body. Carbs are allowed in your salads, play with pasta and rice. You don’t need to become a veggie expert, you just need to add some veggies in your life, and there’re lots of yummy options.

Baking At Home

How about baking some healthy sweets at home? At first, none of them will fulfill our sweet-mind-cravings as well as the ‘bad boys’ do, but eventually, they will. Homemade taste is the greatest.


Check the options you have on our favorite healthy blog: We made her recipes and are over the top. Amazing good looking recipes if you want a healthy snack or meal but not to feel like an alien.

The Smoothie World
Minimalist Baker

We’re not talking about milk shakes, watch out! Milk shakes are not supposed to be called healthy as they have lots of calories, sugar, chocolate, syrup… Don’t confuse yourself by thinking it’s good because is a drink with milk. It’s not. Maybe for that special occasion: the Cheat Day statement.

A Smoothie is what cool girls and boys drink, or popularized. Go for the radical veggie ones (we wouldn’t recommend to star with this ones if you’re an amateur, you’ll hate them) or to the fruity. Make them at home and little by little playing with recipes to find the one will fit your will. If you need to eat more fruit or vegetables and don’t even like an apple, don’t even try. You’ll hate them. But if you’re a rebel, you should give it a though!

If you want some ideas to make scrumptious and healthy smoothies, Minimalist Baker is your blog. She teaches us how to make healthy smoothies in a creative way, and that’s motivating.

Practice the Art of enjoying Food Blogs!

The best thing you can add to your New Year’s resolution food list are these food blogs we love to check (tap the photos to get to the blogs as well).


Get inspiration and practice your new life as a… foodie?

PMarvel’s food blog essentials:

We hope our food advices will help you. Have fun and play with your brand new food habits. Eating healthy is not cool, it’s rational and it’s a way of living, and a Cheat Day is a necessary healthy mind and soul upgrade in your weekly routine: upload a photo of any of your meal, your Cheat Days, your brand new additions like salads, quinoa, farro, smoothies… This New Year do whatever you need to be happy. That IS cool.