Put It On The Travel-Wish List

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Put on your explorer style for our Christmas Travel-Wish List.

The New Land Rover Defender Coming in 2018

An icon for over 70 years, next Land Rover Defender is coming in 2018 at the earliest and is perfect for our travel adventures. Good things come to those who wait!

Based on Discovery Architecture, Jaguar-Land Rover chief Ralf Speth says the new design is finished and looks “fantastic.” Nearly 70 years since the nameplate first appeared, the new Defender is likely to have an aluminium body built on an aluminium chassis. It would use the aluminum architecture found in the new Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover and Rover Sport. This would give go-anywhere strength with less weight than from a traditional 4×4 steel chassis.

While exact details are still secret, Speth confirmed that the new Defender will be “fairly different” from every other model in the Land Rover range, with supreme off-road abilities as you’d expect from a Defender. “There is no question of the new Defender just being an icon. We are working on an authentic successor to the old Defender,” Speth said. “The architecture will contain a lot of elements that are different from other aluminum cars. I have driven test mules already and also tried the car against competitors, in on- and off-road environments. It’s sensational.” The new Defender will be able to do everything it says on the tin and that’s why it’s on the top of our wish list.

Bob Dylan’s Soundtrack

Every travel has a soundtrack. Our dreamed one is full of Bob Dylan.

Each of us has his own favorite Dylan’s song: Blowin’ in the windSubterranean Homesick Blues; The times are A-changing or Don’t think twice, it’s all right to name a few. He was awarded the Nobel Prize of Literature, the first time a songwriter and singer receives this award. His songs were inspired by poetry and literature but also from folk musical tradition and social changes and revolutions that happened in the World. His songs, full of inspiration and sensitivity, attracted us more than ever.

Watch and listen Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind Live On TV (March 1963):

Backpack Louis Vuitton

There’s nothing like a gorgeous backpack to add timeless glamour while exploring new places.

Chiara Ferragni wearing Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Backpack, Levi’s Jeans, MSGM blazer, Céline sunglasses, Chiara Ferragni Collection Cameron sneakers

Louis Vuitton’s Christopher PM conjures up the rugged spirit of a hiking pack in Monogram canvas. For the holidays travel and beyond, it evokes a fine lifestyle.

A Panama Hat

The origin of this brimmed straw hat is Ecuador, but was popularized when shipped to Panama, the international sale point.

Model wearing Hartford shirt; Lock & Co Hatters Panama Hat and Mulberry bag, all at Mr Porter. PA Feature FASHION Menswear. Ph: PA Photo/Handout.


Panama’s are lightweight and breathable hats appropriate for tropical climates that had become very popular and fashionable during summer season all over the world. But they have their winter versions too.

Sean Connery wearing a Panama hat in his fashion campaign for Louis Vuitton
Actress Chloè Moretz wearing a Panama hat with a Chanel dress during Cannes Festival

Le Chemin De Saint Jacques De Compostelle Or The Way Of St. James

The Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela’s Cathedral started in the Middle Ages XIV Century. Santiago is one of the Holy Cities in Christian World.

Santiago de Compostela is a small city in the North West of Spain, in a region called Galicia, just above Portugal. Its popularity was always high but in the last years became increasingly popular. People, the Pilgrims, from all aver the world and believes has made the Way to Santiago, it’s a spiritual Way.

Santiago de Compostela’s Cathedral

It consists on arriving walking, riding a horse or cycling from different places world wide following the Pilgrim paths with a destination: Santiago Apostol’s Cathedral. Then, you get the Pilgrim passport. Many feel it like a life changing experience, as they repeated it over and over again.
Why has become so popular? This is because each one made his own “Way” becoming an experience that will stay with you forever. It’s a personal feeling, soul-searching trip.

The streets of Santiago that takes you to the Cathedral

MEL13 And MEL13 PLUS, Melatonin Antiaging Cream

The beauty cream essential on our daily routine. It’s the power of Melatonin in your skin and it’s so good that it’s worth traveling with this cream. Perfect to beat the different climate conditions in our face during the travels.

Nicole Warne from the blog GaryPepperGirl

MEL13 and MEL13 Plus are two presentations of a topic formulation of melatonin cream for both men and women that prevents skin damage and restores an aged, damaged skin, turning it into young, healthy and juicy. Developed by long timed experienced doctors from Spain’s University, it’s distributed by Pharmamel.  You probably learned about it in a previous article (here).

Forever young: the combined effects of CoQ10 plus melatonin make the application of MEL13 and MEL13 Plus unique to enhanced the capacity of the skin to synthesize proteins including collagen, elastin, and to stimulate fibroblasts proliferation. The skin becomes more elastic and juicy, providing it with a smooth (resplendent) and soft texture, without wrinkles. It remains or even becomes young. Additionally, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of melatonin protects all celular layers of the skin from injuries including environmental pollutants, UV and other ionizing radiations, and from aging itself.

Kelly Slater Ph: Whattsupphoto

For more information and distribution go visit their website http://pharmamel.com

Apple’s iPad Air 2 

The iPad Air 2 is an insanely fast, alarmingly thin tablet with looks to die for. It’s the mid-size tablet to beat and so capable that it’s perfect to document and safe every moment of our travels. It also offers better Wi-Fi connectivity than the last generation. Is by some distance the best value tablet on the planet.

Aside from being slimmer than the iPad Air 1, the physical design is otherwise very similar. The back edges are rounded, and there’s a brushed-metal effect across the back panel.

The front edge has a sharp chamfer and a mirror finish, and looks very smart indeed.

Despite the recent release of two iPad Pro models and a big update to the iPad mini, Apple’s iPad Air 2 continues to provide the best combination of speed, features, screen size, ecosystem and price. An upgraded OS make it the only real option for anyone who wants to buy a serious tablet – and that’s before getting into the fact the tablet app ecosystem is so much stronger than on Android. And the things that have made all iPads strong tablets – such as an unbeatable selection of great apps, stellar hardware quality, long battery life, and unrivaled customer support – help the Air 2 continue to best the many new Android tablets on the market. While the Pro and mini models will be better for some people, the Air 2 is the best all-around value. The best part is this is now cheaper thanks to the release of the iPad Pro 9.7.

A Caffè In Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè, Rome

We will dream about a coffee here. Established in 1938, this café is a household name in Rome.

Saint’Eustachio Caffè back in the days

This coffee shop produces a wonderful blend whose recipe is kept top secret. What is not a secret is the quality of the product they serve, which has merited this café a pre-eminent position amidst the most beloved coffee shops of the capital. Yes sir, with an unique wood-roasting technique made possible by the work of a 1948 machine, the espresso is sure to be top notch. 

Il Caffè Sant’Eustachio: Piazza Sant’Eustachio 82, Rome, Italy, +390668802048

Travelling South African Victoria Falls In Luxury Rovos ‘Pride Of Africa’ Train 

The Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is located on the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe (Africa).

Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls

Rovos Rail Tours-Travelling offers a ride over the Victoria Falls Bridge. This train is called ‘The Pride of Africa” and it’s one of the most luxurious trains in the World. What better way to do a trip than in the comfort of a fully refurbished authentic first class steam train, viewing Africa the way it would have been done over one hundred years ago. If you’re dreaming of a different getaway, this rail journey is definitely a good choice.

Victoria Falls is synonymous with tourism and adventure: white water rafting, bungee jumping, helicopter flights…

However the train travel aims is to provide and promote the historical and romantic aspects of this fascinating area.

Rovos train is also known for attention to detail and great service. The spacious suites, ranging from Pullman to Deluxe to Royal, all have big ensuite bathrooms and air conditioning, all part of the comfortable travel on ‘Pride of Africa’. In addition, the train travels at a maximum speed of 60km (36 miles) per hour for comfort and good viewing.

Rovos Rail – Royal Bathroom
Royal Suite – Rovos Pride of Africa

The ride is exciting: a three-night train adventure that begins with the train’s departure from Rovos Rail Station in Pretoria.

It then winds its way north through Warmbaths and Nylstroom, christened by the Voortrekkers as the source of the Nile River as the town’s river happened to be north flowing. The train then passes the edge of the escarpment and crosses the Tropic of Capricorn en route to the border with Zimbabwe. After formalities at Beitbridge the next morning, the train travels on the BBR line to Bulawayo, second city of Zimbabwe, capital of Matabeleland and industrial capital of the country. The following day sees the train travelling along one of the world’s longest stretches of straight railway line – 114 kilometres – before traversing Hwange National Park, a rich and diverse wildlife sanctuary where animals can be spotted from the train. After a service stop at Thompsons Junction, the sojourn ends at the incomparable Victoria Falls on the mighty Zambezi River. Coming to a halt in the middle of the famous Vic Falls Bridge, passengers disembarked to enjoy the exceptional panoramic view of the Falls, only possible from that angle. The surrounding areas offer recreational opportunities including cruises, whitewater rafting as well as superb game viewing and photo safaris.

Elephant in Victoria Falls

Skying The Alpes Slopes: Val D’Isère, France

Our travel wish list includes, of course, a time for skying in one of the best ski resorts in Europe.

Val d’Isere has to be one of the most beautiful French ski resorts, nestled in a valley at the foot of the mountains with its chocolate box chalets and hotels, spread between the central town and its outlying villages. Though some bemoan this mega resort for being crowded or pricey, it remains an experienced skiier’s paradise. An excellent dining scene, accommodation to suit all types and hard-partying nightlife makes a stay here a true holiday.

The area is high-quality, a paradise for good skiers and boarders with snowsure slopes and off-piste stashes. It offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world during the winter and lots of hiking, cycling and touring opportunities in the summer months. It also plays host to a number of winter and summer events, freestyle skiing competition, etc.

Within Val d’Isere’s ski area there are over 300km of marked pisted runs and unlimited off piste skiing, making it an ideal location for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities to find something which satisfies all.

There are 96 lifts spreading ten miles across Val d’Isère and Tignes that can now carry hundreds of thousands skiers per hour. Most of Val d’Isère’s lifts are long and rapid, travelling vertically more than horizontally, so there’s a lot of skiing back down for a short trip up.

Wanna join us? Merry Christmas!