5 reasons every cool girl is obsessed with physical activity

And they’re more than physical. Find out the behind the scenes best kept secrets.

With Christmas around the corner, maybe you’re concerned about your lifestyle routine that deserves a switch up in order to look healthy and great. We know the struggle of having to get in shape but hating working out. We give you 5 reasons that will motivate you to exercise in no time.

Photo: Jabari Jacobs | Outfit: Adidas
  1. Physical exercise has a positive effect on our health, and not only because our body consumes energy, and we might lose weight
  2. … it is also because physical exercise has a positive effect on our whole body metabolism and performance.
  3. Physical exercise improves sensitivity of our body tissues to insulin, meaning that sugar is used well by our cells.
  4. Physical activity can prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures. We know that exercise has positive effects on bone, as long as calcium intake is adequate.
  5. We must exercise regularly to improve our cardiovascular and respiratory systems, brain activity and also the immune response.

Isn’t enough? It is strongly recommended to combine physical exercise with a good healthy food plan. Even in Christmas, Atlantic or Mediterranean diets are recommended.

Stay strong!