Turrón El Almendro & Delaviuda will step up your Christmas spirit

Similar to nougat, turrón is the famous and tasty Christmas sweet from Spain.

brandsYour Christmas this year won’t be complete without a bar or more of their turrón.

El Almendro and Confetería Delaviuda have the best Spanish traditional turrón, they are our favorite. An addictive, fantastic sweet scent with different flavors, innovations and gourmet selections that made them unique and exquisite for every Christmas day. Both brands belong to Delaviuda Confectionery Group, that this upcoming Christmas offers their usual on stock goodies with some additions.

As we know how excited you are going to be about eating ALL the turrón, here you have our essentials so you don’t miss a thing. Your Christmas table will reach a new level of chic and delicacy that your guests will enjoy before and after the festivities have ended.


El Almendro was founded on 1883 with its first factory at Jijona, where the turrón is originally from (Valencia, East Coast of Spain). Since then, they’ve been developing new products and formats as they know how to make happy both traditional people and new generations who are looking for new flavors and shapes, like small size turrones or sugar free. They also showcase a variety of sophisticated turrones, such as coconut, fruits, cream and nuts, chocolate and almonds, toasted egg yolk, dry red fruits, orange… We will stay tight to the first turrón of all times:

Turrón de Jijona and Alicante, the originals. A sweet treat traditionally made of with almonds and honey that has been keeping the traditional flavors:
Hard (Alicante turrón: with whole, crunchy almonds) and Soft (Jijona turrón: soft, because the almonds have been pounded into a paste).



El Almendro has this, come- on- handy tray, with a scrumptious assortment of small pieces, individually wrapped, ideal to taste the different Varieties: Crunchy, Creamy, Egg Yolk, Chocolate turrón with Almonds, Crunchy Chocolate and “minibits” pralines.


Every year, every Christmas, Delaviuda Confectionary Store, number one brand in turrones and marzipan, comes with new features in their Gourmet range. You’ll love them.

Three new flavors, all available on their online shop.

Black Chocolate With Berries.
70%  cocoa. The intense flavor from the chocolate pairs beautifully with the acidity of the red berries, which makes this specialty a delicacy for chocolate lovers.


Praliné Pedro Ximénez.
Made with the genuine Pedro Ximénez raisins, combines the lovely scent of the traditional Spanish sweet wine with the delicate flavor of the chocolate praline. A treat for the senses.


Lime & Lemon Praline With Hawaiian Red Salt.
The original citric flavor combines to perfection with the hint of the famous salt from the Hawaiian. This is a refreshing and exotic praline with the prefect creamy texture. We can’t wait for making our to-buy-list and go shopping online!


In the traditional section, Delaviuda launches the perfect Assortment to travel with. Easy to carry and easy to pack in your luggage. With 200 grams, it’s the perfect size and weight to take as a present for your beloved ones. It’s also the perfect assortment of turrones: it comes with the traditional hard called Alicante, caramel and nougat. Isn’t it an appealing selection for you? We’re in!



You can shop online at Confitería Delaviuda shop and start celebrating Christmas with some sweet or two!

You can find all their products in one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Toledo, a place to visit for many reasons (monuments, Historic…) And now you can shop at their brand new store.
El Almendro Shop in Toledo (Spain)
Calle Comercio, 17 (17, Comercio Street


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