Your Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu

We’re officially in the Thanksgiving spirit. What would you love to see on your table? 

One of the most beautiful celebrations must be accompanied by top food. We have our selection, your ultimate Thanksgiving Menu Guide. Your crowd will love it.

Look for something that don’t spoil your appetite. Something you can enjoy without moving from your guests, that’s the point when it comes to starters. These, below, are pretty good for that.
Cheese and Fruit Tray

This is a win win display. Who doesn’t love cheese? If you don’t, there are fruits, dried and fresh, and bread. What else? Maybe a glass of red wine? Keep your starters simple.


Creamy Crawfish Dip

Not everyone enjoys seafood, anyways you should always have some kind of seafood dish because it’s light, delicious and cool. This one is the perfect dip to eat with any kind of bread or crudités. Give it a try! And if you have leftovers the day after, make a sandwich!


Goat Cheese Balls

Cheese once again? Nope! These amazing and easy balls will make the perfect appetizer. No bake, delicious, beautiful display. Why say no? These Cheese balls by What’s Gaby Cooking will make anyone mad about them.


Main Course
Do we still have room for the first course? YES. How can you possible say no to a Food Festival like this one? Keep reading!
Maple Bourbon Tamarind Roast Turkey

We were looking for a great and comfort dish, we learnt about this amazing traditional recipe and lets face it: it’s compulsory to have a Turkey dish on our Thanksgiving menu.


Baked Ham

If you’re not a Turkey lover, the Baked Ham is the kind of dish-preparation you can make for any kind of festivity. This time it’s all about meat! You can make it ahead and just serve it with some side dishes (keep reading, we have them). The caramelized crust will make your mind blow.


Cranberry Orange Sauce

It’s a simple sauce but mandatory for Thanksgiving. Wether you like it or not, this cranberry sauce have to be by the Turkey’s side. Your welcome!


Side Dishes
Here they come! Sometimes we eat more side dishes than the main course (are we alone?) We can make a dinner just with these lovely secondary courses. Tell us how you like them!
Mashed Potato

This must in any celebration meal is easy, simple and delicious.


Roasted Mushrooms 

It’s mushroom season and so far we should use them as much as we can. This recipe is so simple that you’ll probably make it on a daily basis (we’re exaggerating but we really love this one). The smell of mushrooms and Turkey… We can’t wait for T.D. to come!


Roasted Potatoes with Crunchy Onions

And if mushrooms are Turkey’s best friends, potato and onions are the perfect match. Crispy, sweet and salty at the same time. Easy to make and to serve. If you have leftovers (as it may happen with all the dishes above) make a potato and onion frittata! Yum.


Here it comes: DESSERT TIME. We can’t even move, but despite the fact that we’re pretty plenty and there’s no room for any kind of bite or scoop, we can’t miss desserts. We can’t understand a festive meal without the final touch, something sweet. We chosen 3 different desserts, some have traditional ingredients and they all fit in our menu, they also can be stored for the day after. This is a MUST.
Apple Charlotte

This non-usual dessert for Thanksgiving is perfect to add to the traditional ones. The lovely French Apple Charlotte will bring sweet and comfort to the end of the meal. It’s that kind of sweet to share, a reminder of the autumnal season with family and friends.


Classic Pumpkin Pie

We can’t have a Thanksgiving without one of the most traditional desserts: the well known pumpking pie. We love this recipe because the author gives it a twist. We tried it and felt in love immediately.


No bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake With Dark Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate, of course. And peanut butter. If you add cheesecake then is one of the most famous desserts in USA. This must be in our Thanksgiving feast. If you’re not a pie lover, this is your choice to make in seconds. A decadent and scrumptious dessert. And you don’t need to be a super-cook, is easy.

Find the link to all the recipes by clicking on the images.