3 Dark Chocolate Must-Have Brands

A world of dark chocolate delicacies. Enjoy your cravings and treat yourself!

It’s proven that there are chemicals in chocolate, some of them can affect the brain via the release of neurotransmitters. Certain neurotransmitters are responsible for your emotions and the way you feel. Eating chocolate releases those neurotransmitters that have positive effects on human feelings, like feeling happy (some of the substances that chocolate has are transformed into dopamine). In addition, eating chocolate makes us happy because it tastes good and it provides us a ‘time off’ momentum to enjoy.


We usually think of chocolate as a treat, and there’s also a somehow guilty-side we feel when we eat it that makes us feel bad. But think twice: on one hand we feel guilty, but on the other it gives us amazing satisfying moments. That usually happens with forbidden things.


And because we love satisfying moments, we want to share with you our world of dark chocolate delicacies through a few brands that are over the top when it comes to dark chocolate creations.


One of the finest chocolates you can find in the stores. The high cocoa quality is used in every tablet and chocolate creation. Sold in more than 75 countries and with a great online service, we love Lindt not only because of all these things, but because all the tablets we’ve tried, so far, are over the top. From the simple ones, to the special creations. Eating Lindt chocolates is an intense and delightful experience.

This time, among all their fabulous tablets we want to focus on:

Lindt creation

Lindt Creation is a scrumptious combination of 70% cacao chocolate tablet with luscious creamy bittersweet dark chocolate fillings. You can find, among others, Dark Chocolate Mousse 70%, Dark Chocolate Mousse Truffle 70%, Dark Chocolate Mousse Orange 70% and Dark Chocolate Mousse Cherry 70% (these last two tablets have a fruity filling that melts in your mouth).

We love the silky texture of the chocolate and the smooth filling that combines the best of the dark high quality cacao with the decadent mousse-like texture. If you are a chocolate lover you should buy these ones, you won’t regret that decision!

Lindt Excellence



We can’t decide which is the best tablet in the Excellence family. This fine chocolate line is, in our opinion, one of the best ever and we can just relate to what Lindt has to say:

Lindt Excellence offers chocolate lovers a unique and sophisticated sensory experience for the ultimate chocolate pleasure.

They have chocolate assortment boxes and tablets with a thin plate shape perfect to develop the flavors in our mouth as they melt beautifully. Eating any Lindt chocolate is a delightful experience for dark chocolate lovers like us: we always look for the best quality ones, also because of its health benefits. So, better not being a ‘cheap cookie’ when it comes to good dark chocolate tablets. Don’t you think?

You can find different kinds of cocoa amount in the dark tablets, from 70%, going through 85%, 90% and the highest amount in the 99% cacao/cocoa. And if you’re looking to treat yourself with dark chocolate but looking for a plus indulgent one, go for the flavored dark tablets. You can choose between orange intense, lemon, chilli, sea salt… There’s no excuse to eat them! http://www.chocolate.lindt.com



Ghirardelli’s chocolates and bars are big time. They are one of the most important chocolate companies in the world, and they work just with the best quality cocoa. Every single chocolate bars and squares we’ve tried is top. We’ve chosen this intense dark bars because we believe there’s a place for flavored dark bars in our Dark Chocolate must-have list.

You can choose from Cherry, Mango, Raspberry, Hazelnut, Caramel, Sea salt or Cocoa nibs, to the ones without chunks, like the superb 70% or 62% cocoa bars. Any of these bars are worth buying, and you are also buying wellness and happiness. Dark chocolate can help your health, but we want to take advantage of the goodies they offer us!

If you prefer to indulgence yourself with a decadent bar, go for the filled bars. The most delicious fillings covered with chocolate. They offer sea salt caramel, sea salt brownie and raspberry. There’s no way to escape from buying them.

Check their website, you’ll find all these chocolates and more: you can buy them on the spot, and you can find great chocolate recipes to make at home. http://www.ghirardelli.com


You should try Valrhona, at least, once in your life. Talking about Valrhona is talking about tradition, premium quality and professional cooks. Valrhona has an intense collaboration with well known professional chefs and they also run their own chocolate school in France. If you ever had the chance to try some of their chocolates you’ll know that the quality and the manufacturing of the cocoa is over the top. All the professional chefs we know use Valhrona in their restaurants.

Besides from their amazing savoire faire, they have chocolate bars we can enjoy at home. If we talk about dark chocolate, we can’t forget these amazing high quality bars. The first time we tried these bars we didn’t expect them to be that perfect. The intense flavor and the silky chocolate texture… There’s nothing for a dark chocolate lover than eating a pro-high quality one at home. And with these bars you can feel and live that experience. Pure perfection.

We love their high quality cocoa bars. Like Guajana 70% , a bittersweet and delicious Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa minimum, pure cocoa butter) with split cocoa beans. The Manjari  64% Orange Dark Chocolate (64% cocoa minimum, pure cocoa butter) with orange flavored nuggets. And Caraïbe 66%, a Balanced and Velvety Dark Chocolate (66% cocoa minimum, pure cocoa butter) with split hazelnuts. http://valrhona-chocolate.com