Let them eat chocolate

Chocolate bars. Who doesn’t like them?

Here you have some of our favorite milk chocolate bars. Would you like some?

Chocolate is addictive and it helps you feel better in any occasion. Even if there’s not an occasion: chocolate is very welcome. Chocolate means celebration, the celebration of chocolate itself. But what kind of chocolate is better when you crave some?


The statistics reveals that in general we prefer sweeter chocolates; like milk chocolate, fruit chocolate, caramel chocolate. The dark one is healthier (it has more fat content and less sugar) but it doesn’t give us that needed boost. We will talk about dark chocolate and its benefits in another article, but for now, lets focus on our favorite milk chocolate bars.


Nestlé.  Milk chocolate with Dulce de Leche

Nestlé knows how to captivate us. This milk chocolate tablet is filled with the famous dulce de leche, a kind of cooked and boiled condensed milk. Don’t miss it! A simple bite worths it.


We’ve been surrounded with Nestlé products since we were children, and we love that they are improving their flavors and trying new fillings. This one is the perfect chocolate to indulge yourself with. https://www.chocolatesnestle.es


Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel


Nestlé Dulce de Leche is only available in Spain, but if you’re not around, you can find the perfect one in Cadbury’s tablets. They have the best quality chocolate and an amazing variety of fillings and flavors. We are filled with love for all Cadbury tablets, but this one will definitely make your day. https://www.cadbury.co.uk


Bellarom. Fruits and nuts Milk Chocolate (Lidl)



You can find good chocolate bars in places you’d never imagine, as it happens in Lidl: the German brand knows that we let succumb temptation for decadent chocolates and they just work to give us what we love.
Among all the chocolates they offer there is this one: a milk chocolate bar plenty of nuts and fruits. It’s so heaven that we seriously recommend you to go to Lidl supermarket to get this chocolate. You can try any chocolate variety they have, they are awesome with attractive and scrumptious packagings (we also love dark chocolate with fruit chunks). Tell us how you liked it! http://www.lidl.co.uk/en/index.htm


Cadbury. Dairy Milk Bubbly


This is the kind of chocolate to enjoy the moment. Thousands of bubbles inside this milk chocolate bar, and then you eat them!
Cadbury was the first to launch this product with an aerated milk chocolate filling, and we had the opportunity to buy it the first time long ago in London. Since them, it’s one of our favorites. You can’t miss to try this chocolate milk bubbles. https://www.cadbury.co.uk


Lindt. Hello My Name is…


Lindt HELLO offers a new range of modern and cosmopolitan flavors must try. These milk chocolate tablets are filled with decadent new fillings such as Strawberry Cheesecake, Crunchy Nougat, Cookies & Cream or Caramel Brownie. A paradise of scrumptiousness covered with the hight quality Lindt chocolate with its unique taste.
We tried all of them and we all agree that you can’t choose one as a favorite. There’s a tablet for every one: brownie lovers, cheesecake fans. Find the one you love! http://www.chocolate.lindt.com


Ghirardelli. Milk chocolate Brownie bar
is an Italian company based in USA. They are the American oldest continuously operating chocolate maker and they keep creating new flavors and bars. They nail every single chocolate bar they make. We choose the Milk chocolate Caramel Brownie bar. Eating a brownie that melts in your mouth? This is the one.


In this chocolate tablet you can get the brownie caramel flavor with the softness and creamiest milk chocolate. If you eat one piece you’ll want to eat the whole tablet. Visit their website, they also have recipes, tricks and lots of bars to buy! http://www.ghirardelli.com


Valor. Chocolatium


The sweetest milk chocolate by Valor filled with creamy fillings and cookie chunks. The perfect treat!
You can choose between Milk Chocolatium, Pure Chocolatium or 70% Dark Chocolatium. We can’t get over the way the chocolate melts in your mouth and the big cookie chunks we find in the filling. A great flavor chocolate with a dreamy filling. We also love the pocket size of the bars. Easy to take wherever we go! http:/https://www.valor.es/en/