Signature Halloween Pumpkin Dinner

Pumpkin themed dinner
What about making a whole dinner out of pumpkin? Crazy? Not for us.

Halloween is here, and so it’s pumpkin obsession. It’s everywhere. But it’s not that bad: pumpkins are one of our favorite vegetables to cook with. For Halloween, many love to decorate them and have a blast night hanging out with friends. We like to eat them instead.

Next Halloween you can have an amazing dinner using this healthy and sweet ingredient. Keep reading for our ‘signature Halloween Pumpkin Dinner’:

First course. Jamie Oliver is a crack of a cook, we love him for that. And we have found the perfect Oliver’s dish to start our crazy pumpkin dinner. It’s a Pumpkin and Ginger Soup, healthy and delicious comfort soup. And whats more, easy to make and beautiful to serve.


Get the recipe here:

Second course: We have the perfect recipe for you. A delicious dish of Pumpkin Rice Noodles. With lots of veg and some minced pork… Yummy, isn’t it? And it will take you less than 30 minutes to make it. It’s from a food blog we love named Rasa Malaysia. She has lots of amazing recipes. Always with lovely ingredients and superb recipes that can be made easily at home.


 Get the recipe here:

Dessert time! We can’t forget that Halloween most famous dessert is the well know Pumpkin Pie. But, why don’t we give it a twist and make something a little bit different? What about making a Brûleed Pumpkin Bread? The best alternative to the classic Halloween dessert. You’ll just need to buy some brioche bread, a pumpkin can, some eggs, cream, milk… And, voilà! Give this dessert a chance: epic! We learnt this recipe on one of our favorite food blogs: Love, Cake. This dessert is a showstopper Halloween one.


Get the recipe here: