12 indulgent treats to try before the summer count down

1. MARS BROWNIES. If you never heard of this before, we’re happy to be helpful. These brownies are like perfection for a sweet tooth. Indulge yourself with the most fudgy, chewy, scrumptious and delicious Chocolate Mars Brownies. Spencer team always have some in our counter. Word.

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2. CHEESECAKE COOKIES. All thing Cheesecake Cookies. Chocolate Cheesecake Cookies, Oreo Cheesecake Cookies, Cranberry Cheesecake Cookies, XXL, NYC Style…  That kind of cookie you adore to eat. Soft, tasty, spectacular. An unique and addictive flavor. One bite after another.

3. CRUMBLE. Lots of. As much as you can. That humble dessert can change your conception of not well known British desserts. Plenty of fruit and with that crunchy top. With a scoop of gelato or custard… It’s worth eat it. Bible!

Berry Crumble ©TheCulinaryScene / Spencer Magazine
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Crumble bars ©TheCulinaryScene / Spencer Magazine
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Crumble Tropical Fruit Tart ©TheCulinaryScene / Spencer Magazine

4. PEANUT BUTTER MOLTEN CAKE (AKA “COULANT AU PEANUT BUTTER”) One word to describe that small piece of heaven in the shape of a mini cake and with a runny peanut butter center… For many, a great deal better than the chocolate one. Scrumptilicious!

Peanut butter moltenFullSizeRender_2
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peanut buttermoltenFullSizeRender
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5. CHOCOLATE CHUNK MUFFINS. No matter what is in the muffin dough. We’re not talking about healthy muffins, but those which will make you sweat of passion…

chocochunksmuffinIMG_2009 (1)
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6. CHEESECAKE. Nutella, NYC Style, fruit ones… Bake or no bake. No matter wich one you’ll choose. You’ll be just right!

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Baked Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake ©TheCulinaryScene / Spencer Magazine

7. MOLTEN LEMON CAKE. The Lemon Molten Cake is incredible soft, smooth, a little bit tangy, so lemony, so… So heaven…

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molten lemon cake has to be there... Incredible soft, smooth, a little bit tangy, so lemony, so... So heaven...
©TheCulinary Scene / Spencer Magazine

8. TRUFFLES. Name a ingredient, your favorite flavor. Got it. With chocolate, coconut, peanut butter, oreo cookies, fruits… Truffles are a must in our lives. And if you can’t find them around, just make them!

9. SWEET ROLLS. Name one. The average of possibilities that this sweet treat offers you can satisfy any preference: filled with cinnamon and sugar, with cream cheese and pineapple, with Nutella… Be creative and dream about your own filling!

Pineapple Sweet Rolls ©TheCulinaryScene / Spencer Magazine
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Pineapple Sweet Rolls ©TheCulinaryScene / Spencer Magazine

10. MERINGUE. Making meringue and getting to that shiny point of perfection is one of the most amazing things in the sweet world… But is better to eat it!

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11. LEMON COCONUT BARS. Put some sweet homemade lemon baking in your day. Lemon Coconut bars are as pretty as they are delicious. These refreshing sweet is a delicacy-decadent-treat.

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12. FUDGE. Yes. We’re indulgence ourselves. So, calories don’t count here. Like a decadent apple fudge or a cranberry chocolate fudge… You name it!

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