How much salt is healthy?

All foods have salt, therefore we need small amounts of salt daily. We know that salt excess is linked to increase arterial blood pressure or hypertension, cardiovascular accidents, heart diseases, cancer stomach and even osteoporosis. 

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Sounds risky, right? If you wonder how much salt is healthy-approved, keep reading. Our scientific contributor will clear up your doubts.

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Salt is sodium chloride or ClNa. Salt is chloride 40% and sodium 60%. It’s good because it give taste to the food, is preservative, stabilizes and gives color to foods. But you should limit your daily amount of salt to 1,000 milligrams, a coffee table spoon. You’ll get used to it and also experience and appreciate the real taste of food.

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In case you exercise and sweet, means that you loosed water and salt which have to be restored. Isotonic drinks are ok to reestablish the balanced of your body fluids. But be aware! Read the labels since these drinks might have sugars and you’ll add a lot of calories you don’t need.

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